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Considerations in Product Selection

What should be considered in the selection of ceramics?

The right product selection, visual and aesthetic appearance as well as the technical characteristics of the product is important.
Do not lay the wall tiles on the floor and outside.
Floor tiles and porcelain tiles can be laid on the wall using appropriate adhesives.
Porcelain tiles with a low water absorption value can be easily laid outdoors.
Floor tiles should only be used outdoors together with suitable adhesive and waterproof, frost resistant joint sealant.
Tiles to be laid in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic should be selected from products with high wear class.
In wet areas such as pool edges, high-slip tiles should be used.


What should be considered before flooring?

The application area should be smooth and clean.
Color tone and calibrated (size) information on the box should be read carefully, products with different characteristics should not be laid in the same area. In ceramic technology, an acceptable degree of color difference and size range is an inevitable fact.
If there are faulty, cracked, broken, deformed tiles, they should be separated before the installation and delivered to the dealer with box / pallet label information. Complaints after flooring are not accepted.
When preparing the adhesive mortar and joint filler to be used, the instructions for use on the packaging must be followed.
In case of any modification that may occur later on, taking into account that the product may not be available or the same color tone, sufficient amount of tile excess should be provided and stored.
In outdoor areas such as terrace, balcony and pool, waterproofing should be done first.
The increased product should be stored together with its packaging.


What should be considered in use and maintenance?

After the flooring, the joints of the ceramic surface must be cleaned before drying. Only water and a clean sponge are enough for this process.
Hardening of joint filler residues on ceramic surfaces makes cleaning difficult. In this case, tile surfaces can only be cleaned with special chemicals (such as Yurtbay Cleaner). After cleaning, the surfaces should be rinsed with water several times.
For cleaning tiles with metallic surfaces, only water and neutral cleaning materials should be used (acidic or basic cleaning materials may cause surface damage).
Depending on the location of the flooring, the frequency of cleaning may be changed weekly, daily or several times a day (depending on the pollution potential of the area where the tiles are laid and the tile surface characteristics).
Glazed (especially floor and wall tiles with glossy surfaces) should be used with gel or cream cleaners instead of dust containing cleaning agents against the risk of scratching surfaces on tiles






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